Saturday, 22 December 2012

Landscaped Collections

People have gardens of different sizes and contents to suit their pockets and interest. A garden lover tends every plant and shrub as his child. He prunes and trims it, protects it from the hot sun and shelters it from intruding animals. He watches the plant grow with a throbbing heart and a loving look.

This is my landscape. I made it in April 10, 2010. Through the resourceful work of my hands and creative mind, I finished landscaping only at four hours. I used stones and small amount of cement and put the flower bougainvillea to sorround the well. At the downpart side of the well, I put the flower daisy. This landscape will become more beautiful after 10 days.

At the second part of landscaping, you can also use soil, If you haven't have a cement

This landscape is one of my masterpiece when I was first year college, 16 years old young. Gardening is really my hobby since when I was Third year High School. It gives delight on myself. I derive great pleasure from my hobby which is gardening. This hobby is not carried on for the sake of earning money but as a source of pleasure, because It may become tiresome. Though I haven't join the STEP competition because of several competent, I still pursue my pleasure in gardening because I believe my skills will improve by pursuing this.
You can check my Profile and visit my Facebook group. Let us bear, without flowers It's just like you have nothing, because flowers is life.

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